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Tuesday 19th September 2017

Internet, is it a problem?

Over the course of the last week, I seem to have been glued to the computers in both Warwick and Bedworth sites. After the first week of Online Lesson (what online lessons?? Take a look at the different projects we run in the “Programmes” section of our website), I have been updating, re-blocking and ensuring we are 100% safe for our students to be online.

It never seizes to amaze me the vastness and essentialness of the internet in our lives now. Gone are the days that we will sit and discuss, for hours, what actor played that character one time. We will simple pull out our smart phones and google it.

The internet is a way of life now, but it is also scary. Online bullying and grooming is fast becoming one of the biggest issues that teenagers face.

1 in 3 children use the internet on a regular basis.

1 in 4 children have experienced something upsetting on a social media site.

1 in 3 children have been a victim of cyberbullying.

In 2016, the Internet Watch Foundation identified over 54’000 URL’s that containing Child Sexual Abuse Images.

I find it harrowing that such a wonderful tool for our lives can be so unsafe for our children and students.

What can you do if you are worried? As a parent or a victim, its important to speak up.

There are numerous support networks around to help and support children who experience online bullying, or grooming.

CEOP – Child Exploitation and Online Protection command. If you are worried about online abuse or the way that someone is communicating online, let them know.

Childline – Online, on the Phone at anytime. They can offer advice, support and how to protect yourself and others. 0800 1111

Talk about how you use the internet. Use the Privacy settings on social media sites, and report people who are making you feel uncomfortable online.


Whilst the tools are there, and e-Safety remains a priority. The internet is an evolving tool, that we’ll always be playing catch up with. Our ultimate concern is that whilst attending Positive about Young People, students are able to use the internet in a positive way enhancing their education. 


(We do all our IT ourselves. We aren’t experts, but we manage. Are you an expert? Could you spare a few hours week to support in keeping our children safe?

If this sounds like something you are able to do, contact

Catherine Goulding-Huckle –



Tuesday 12th September 2017

Has it really been one week since coming back?? But really, it’s been an suberb one.

As we have moved back in to lessons and new project work (want to know what projects we are doing – see last week’s post), staff have been focusing on PRAISE!

It is so easy working in this field to focus on the bad, students do it, staff to it, I do it! So, this week and for the next 3 coming weeks we are focusing on praise. We want to celebrate small and large achievements in out lessons, classrooms and break times!

From what we have seen so far, this has been a brilliant for students to strive to do their best, and take pride in their work.

Boosting students’ self-esteem is a key factor within any school, but for students at Positive about Young People it is vital. The young people who we work with are often low in belief they can integrate into the school environment, have little confidence in the work they are completing, and sometimes have experienced failure in their previous schools.

We want our students to want to be successful in their school journey. By adapting a mentality that “we do not believe in giving up, or not trying. Not bothering is unacceptable” helps our students realise that we believe in them, and they start to try harder.

Over the past week, staff have reinforced the praise of good work to students, left praise notes on whiteboards, given out star stickers, made positive phone calls home, enjoyed cookery and craft workshops and written notecards to parents with good news. As much as we do these things for the students, it’s a fantastic bit of our working day too!

Long may this continue! It’s certainly making my working day more cheerful and enhances student wellbeing.


Tuesday 5th September 2017

Welcome back!

After a long summer of holidaying, resting and catching up with friends and family, there may have even been a little bit of sun too!

We were pleasantly surprised with the positive exam results that our previous year 11’s achieved. It was a tough year for most, trying to work with the new syllabus and marking scheme. We know that they will go on to achieve good things!

But! Positive about Young People is ready to roll into the autumn new term. 

For myself, I have always been a lover of September. For me September is about fresh starts, new pens and pencils and a mindset that this will be a better year! This is my hope for each student who walk through the doors this academic year.

We have invested time (and the boss won’t forgive me for not saying, money), in our buildings. With fresh coats of paint and new carpets we feel as much as look ready.

New to Positive about Young People this term is a real focus on project work. Looking at specific topics for a greater length of time, and being creative in how we teach them. For this coming half term, we’ll look at Natural Disasters, and Fantasy Writing (how to write about fantasy topics). Cookery and Craft is also a focus this half term. Whilst book learning is typically what we expect from school, we want also to be able to teach skills. Students will cook themselves lunch once a week, with minimal assistance from staff. Focus group trials of this in the previous term really showed how young people have an aptitude for cooking and making things. Not to mention the delicious results!

So, the walls are painted, the displays are up, the folders of work are sitting eagerly waiting for students to work in. All that remains to be said is, after a terrific year at Positive about Young People we are anxious to see what this year has in store for students, staff and parents alike!

Good luck for the year!


Interested? Or want to be involved?

We are always looking for donations of equipment for craft and cooking activities. Or if you have a expertise in something and think that you could share this with young people then please get in touch with Catherine, by dropping an email (