PaYP Learning OnLine                                                            

What do your students get?

Our students will attend virtual classrooms where live, interactive teaching happens online. They will access a secure learning environment loaded with interactive resources that qualified teachers use to engage them in their own education.

Their timetabled teaching is further supported by PaYP staff, as well as award-winning educational subscriptions that allow your students to access online assessments and learning activities on demand.


How do you benefit?

Our students will be supported by our staff who work closely with all students to ensure continued active engagement and support with their education. Additionally, the virtual classrooms remove many inhibitions and anxieties experienced by vulnerable young people and our students have told us they aren’t scared to answer questions or make mistakes because nobody online can see them!


What can students achieve?

Your students will receive support with their GCSE, and Functional Skills. They have access to the National Curriculum and often make the personal achievement of re-engaging in education and returning successfully to a mainstream education environment.

We are currently offering GCSE qualifications in, Maths, English Language, Science and Computing. Other subjects can be requested.


We provide students with a wide range of additional educational activities to complement the statutory education support provided online.  Organised sessions also identify issues with behaviour and anger management and allow young people to develop skills and strategies to control themselves in situations where they may previously have struggled. Individualised educational and support packages are designed for each young person by our staff – targeting identified needs.

Students are referred to the programme with a view to encouraging them to participate in life-enriching opportunities and projects to develop skills that will equip them for their future.